My memory fails me

Ok, so apparently I created this blog sometime within the last couple of years and named it “adambedlam.” I have no earthly idea why. I know this is something I would have remembered when my brain was even slightly fresher 3 or 4 years ago. Seems like once 40 came and went, my memory skills just took a drastic dive. It’s astonishing how truly indestructible we think we are when we’re young. Even in my late 30’s, I couldn’t conceive of ever not being the smart, quick-witted, relatively healthy person I was. Not that I’m not smart and quick-witted now–I guess it’s just that I’ve lost the ability to think as fast as I used to and remember almost anything I’ve done, eaten, or seen over the prior 4 weeks. Everyday words escape me now. Always on the tip of my tongue, just can’t make the leap. Can’t remember what I ate for dinner last night. Shit like that. It’s disconcerting, really. I guess my faculties are diminishing at a typical rate for a 45 year-old with shitty health habits. It sucks a lot though, seriously. Wtf, adambedlam? Did that mean something to me? I’ll have to think on that some more. Backwards-maldebmada? My life with my invisible friend Adam was bedlam? Agh, what is it?


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